Paul Tripp’s Awe

Perhaps the most overused word in all the English language is the word “awesome.” We call people, places, and moments awesome without any real regard for the true meaning of the term. In fact, the word is so colloquial that it’s almost a slang word now. It’s lost its meaning. In the same way, we’ve lost our awe.

Uninterrupted Affection: Psalm CXIX Part 15

The germ of sin is a distortion of right and proper affections. With man usurping God’s authority, so, too, did he adulterate the affections God instilled in him to have. Where before he loved righteousness and holiness and all that is good, now mankind is incessantly driven after perversion, pleasure, and all the things that that feel right to the senses.

Ascension by Descension

We Christians are a forgetful bunch. We’re often confused and discombobulated. We so desperately want our goodness and virtue to account for something we’ve misrepresented the entire course of the Christian life — we’ve deemed our pious performance to be of greater weight, importance, and significance than the performing Person.

Looking Unto Jesus

I think it’s safe to say that we’re in the midst of the Golden Age of smartphones. Every year, a new iPhone is released, which is touted to be the most amazing, incredibly crafted iPhone yet! There’s seemingly an endless array of Android phones as well, each seeking to garner attention from the masses by marketing a special, niche feature that the iPhone doesn’t have (yet).