Green Jackets & White Robes

I don’t know much about golf, but I do know that The Masters is like the Super Bowl for golfers. There’s something truly special about the annual tournament held at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA. Sure, it’s not the only major championship on the PGA Tour but something sets The Masters apart. Undoubtedly, that “something” is the rich tradition of the green jacket.

The Amnesty of Amorous Sinners

Some may contend that if a singular quote requires further explanation then it shouldn’t be quoted, at least not by itself without its proper context. Perhaps that’s true — quotes that are timeless are the ones that stand on their own. Nevertheless, while I believe the truth of today’s statement can be verified in Scripture, I can also see how this statement can be misconstrued and misinterpreted, with vast and dangerous ramifications.

The Good News of Condemnation

Oftentimes there are particular passages of Scripture that stand out above the rest. I regularly confess when standing to speak that it’s quite ironic for a preacher to have a “favorite” verse or portion of the Word. But, to be sure, I think it’s a very good thing that we let the Bible affect us, to the point where specific verses or chapters stick with us. We often call these “life verses.”

New Clothes

You’re filthy. You’re grimy and grungy, so soiled and stained with sin that it’s hopeless and impossible for you to try and get clean. For you to wash yourself is a categorical impossibility. Under the divine gaze of the eternal Godhead, you stand guilty, and, under the righteous condemnation of His law, you’re culpable of every offense.

God’s Reach of Grace

The Scriptures really are God’s story of grace in our lives. Every book, every page, shows us more of God’s everlasting mercy and unilateral love for wayward, wretched people — the lost, the strays, the injured, the weak. We’re able to see God’s gracious dealings with mankind wherever we turn in our Bibles.