#33: On Writing, Sermon Prep, & the Local Church with Cole Russell Deike

One of the most intriguing passages in all of Scripture remains the account of one of the patriarchs “wrestling” with God. At the end of Genesis 32, we read of how Jacob wrestled with a man “until daybreak” (Gen. 32:24), and we learn that this “man” was God on the ground, that is to say, Jesus. (Gen. 32:30) Without delving into the theological implications of Jacob wrestling with God too much, I think in a real way, each of us are wrestled down by God, in some form or another, with some of us tapping out quicker than others. Today, I’d like to share the conversation and testimony of a wrestler who wrestled with the gospel and was wrestled by God himself.

Today’s Guest: Cole Russell Deike

In this edition of the Ministry Minded Podcast, I’m joined by pastor and church planter Cole Russell Deike to talk about the incomparable grace of the gospel that wrestles us into God’s joy. Cole’s been uniquely called to serve the people of Iowa and there proclaim the good news of Christ for sinners. We speak to that mission and the ministry of Frontier Church and the endeavor to plant the most joyful church in the city. We also talk about how God broke Cole down in order to use him, and in knowing his limits, he’s been set free.

I loved talking with Cole about how he’s serving the Lord in the Midwest and how he, a wrestler, was wrestled by God. I think you’re really going to benefit from this episode.