#34: On Church Revitalization with Mitch Miller

I know this is, perhaps, a grave generalization, but it appears to me that the ministry du jour is church planting. There are churches popping up all over the place, in many different forms, serving many different functions. And, to be sure, I’m not knocking the vital importance of planting churches and expanding Jesus’s Kingdom through these endeavors. However, I think we’ve romanticized church planting to such a degree that we’ve forgotten about church revitalization.

Church revitalization is an unsung ministry of aspiring pastors but one that’s crucial in our current Christian climate. It’s not as flashy — in fact, it’s often filled with internal obstacles. Church revitalization is a tough endeavor to start because it necessitates the admission that there’s a problem — it’s always prefaced by the admission of death. Renewing the energy of a church body, turning around a declining church to become a thriving church, is always preceded by a recognition for the deep need of such renewal and revitalization. This often requires long, hard, dirty spiritual work.

But such is what Mitch and I attempt to speak to today.

Today’s Guest: Mitch Miller

In this conversation, Mitch and I delve into the intricacies of church revitalization, what makes it such a significant ministry for the health of a church, and what differentiates it from church planting. We seek to answer questions like: What’s involved in a church revitalization? What’s the goal? How do you go about starting one? And how do you know you need one?

This was a very informative, insightful discussion that I think you’re truly going to benefit from. Whether you’re in the midst of church revitalization or have felt the recent urgings that you might need one, this show is a good place to start.