Let It Be: On Snap Judgments, Nostalgia, & The Last Jedi

I don’t usually write about movies without theoligizing them in some way. But reading the exit surveys and instant reviews for Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi sparked enough contemptible polarization, even among those I’m close to, that I felt compelled to speak into the middle of it all. My goal is not to convince you to like this latest addition to the Star Wars saga. I would say that wasn’t even Johnson’s point.

On Dunkirk & the Nature of Heroism

The more time that’s elapsed between me and going to the theater and watching Dunkirk, the more I appreciate it. I am grateful for what this film stands for and for what Nolan accomplished through it. Since 2005’s Batman Begins, I’ve been an ardent Christopher Nolan apologist, as it were, so my perspective on his films is probably a little biased (okay, maybe a lot biased).