Dependent, Obedient, Biblical Faith

We understand the concept of faith incorrectly. Consequently, there are a slew of misunderstandings emanating from mankind's harebrained attempts at defining faith on their terms. Oftentimes, we're trained to read the Scriptures and memorize the stories and stand mouths agape at the heroic faithfulness of the patriarchs and champions of the Biblical narrative. We're made to see their success and note God's blessing, and the natural conclusion from such a reading is that gold-medal faith is the standard. That's the bar for "victorious Christian living." But I'd say that nothing could be further from the truth.

The Irony of Joyless Christianity

Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” has sort of become a pop-culture punch line at this point. The irony isn’t lost on this track as, despite it’s title, there’s almost no irony to be found in its lyrics. Some have delved much too deep into the meaning of this song, but their efforts at philosophizing a shallow ’90s song have proved unfruitful in the endeavor to find some semblance of irony.

Eternity in a Feeding Trough

The drum of Scripture continually beats a theme that, unless consciously and carefully observed, will go largely unnoticed. Some portions of the inspired Word speak to this theme louder than others. Others require a vigilant reading between-the-lines interpretation to decipher what the Lord’s telling us. I am, of course, referring to the theme of God’s upside-down economy.

Loving Difficult People

Of all the traits that are to be associated with believers, perhaps the hardest (at least for me) is remaining patient and kind with difficult people. I’m sure you’re familiar with these sorts of individuals — co-workers, classmates, associates, even friends in your circle that, for whatever reason, just irritate and aggravate you to no end.

Prayer the Great Humiliator

I know I’ve said this before, but I basically grew up in Sunday School. My dad’s been in a senior pastorate position since 1998. Before that, he was serving as youth and assistant pastor for a few different congregations. What’s more, both of my grandfathers served as lead pastors at various stages of their lives. Needless to say, I was always in church.