Eternity in a Feeding Trough

The drum of Scripture continually beats a theme that, unless consciously and carefully observed, will go largely unnoticed. Some portions of the inspired Word speak to this theme louder than others. Others require a vigilant reading between-the-lines interpretation to decipher what the Lord’s telling us. I am, of course, referring to the theme of God’s upside-down economy.

Let It Be: On Snap Judgments, Nostalgia, and The Last Jedi

I don’t usually write about movies without theoligizing them in some way. But reading the exit surveys and instant reviews for Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi sparked enough contemptible polarization, even among those I’m close to, that I felt compelled to speak into the middle of it all. My goal is not to convince you to like this latest addition to the Star Wars saga. I would say that wasn’t even Johnson’s point.

A Contradictory Gospel?

The fight to clean ourselves up is a common struggle that paralyzes both believers and unbelievers alike. We’re constantly wrestling with the law of righteousness and where that righteousness is found. By birth, we’re self-saviors. We look to ourselves for the peace and prosperity we crave. In our pride, we deem ourselves better gods than even God Himself.