#9: On the Nature of Discipleship & Grace with Rodney Julian & Nathan Naoumi

Some believers posture the insane idea that proper discipleship for those rampantly promiscuous is rooted in giving them more grace. I say it’s insane because it doesn’t sound good to us, to we who’ve been raised to love justice and fairness and reciprocity. It doesn’t seem right that those who take life and pleasure for granted should be given seemingly more liberty to do so. It makes it too easy. At least, that’s what we often think. But the truth is, the gospel’s just that radical, that ludicrous for our tit-for-tat minds. And it’s this radically explicit gospel that Rodney Julian and Nathan Naoumi hope to bring to the people of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Today’s Guests: Rodney Julian & Nathan Naoumi

In this edition of Ministry Minded, I had the honor to sit down with Rodney and Nathan, both of whom are church planters in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rodney and Nathan are old collegiate classmates and friends. They’ve since moved west to Nevada to assist in planting Liberate Church, in hopes of bringing sinners to Christ in one of the most needy areas in the country. Instead of posturing a message that insists upon cleanliness and propriety before engaging in discipleship in Jesus, Liberate Church proclaims the message of grace for sinners to come as they are, and to let Christ clean them up. Their mission is to preach God’s substitution and absolution for sinners, yes, even those in “Sin City.”

Listen as we talk about God’s call to ministry, the radical effects of the gospel, and preaching grace in “Sin City.” Both Rodney and Nathan are excellent speakers and thinkers, and I think you’ll greatly benefit from this discussion on gospel-centered church-planting, evangelism, and discipleship.