#8: On the Importance of Sermon Preparation & Delivery with Collin Coats

There’s a seeming notion that because it’s preaching, we don’t have to be as eloquent or as sharp or as polished, we just have to speak the “good ‘ole truth” of the Word. But why aren’t we as concerned with communicating eternal truths accurately when we’re so consumed with other speaking settings? Collin Coats and I discuss that topic and many more in this episode of Ministry Minded. We also discuss the importance of preaching and why it’s vital for the preacher to treat their sermon as a craft that must be continually improved.

Today’s Guest: Collin Coats

You only learn the art of preaching by engaging in the practice of it, which is to say, your sermon delivery gets better the more you deliver sermons. But even so, somewhere along the line some pastors get too comfortable with their ability to prepare and deliver messages each week that they don’t take the time to hone their craft. They get complacent, almost robotic. And when sermon preparation is robotic, you’re in a precarious spot. Complacency in preaching should be avoided at all costs. To that end, preachers must approach their sermon as eager miners digging for gospel-truths, never relinquishing the pursuit of excellence in their craft. Accordingly, Collin has made this pursuit the focus of his ministry, The Craft, a service site that analyzes sermons in order to help preachers become more effective in sharing and expounding the truth of the gospel.

In this episode, Collin and I sit down and go in-depth on preaching and what makes for a compelling Christ-centered sermon. We also talk about the doctrine of distinguishing law and gospel and it’s significance for student ministries. If you’re serious about preaching and the craft of delivering sermons, I think you’ll find this show extremely beneficial.