#7: On Worship, Liturgy, & the Church with Bill Brimer

One of the most powerful elements in the world is that of music. It’s reach is so infectious and effectual. It changes lives and impacts souls. It can start movements and influence revivals. It’s no secret that music is powerful, and I believe we’ll never fully realize the full potential of music until we get to glory and see Jesus face to face. If you think about it, music is the only thing we know for certain that we’ll be doing in heaven. On earth, we’re just getting a small taste of the majesty of heaven’s melody — a preview of the glory to come.

The theology of worship is the most essential part. Not all the lights and extras. But bringing and shining a bright light on the gospel for sinners. That’s what’s most important. And this is what Bill Brimer does through his music.

Today’s Guest: Bill Brimer

In this episode of Ministry Minded, I’m joined by Soul Thirst Church music pastor Bill Brimer. Throughout this discussion, we talk about about Lutheranism, the beauty of liturgy, and the spiritual experience of leading music. We also share our common distaste for the title of “worship leader.” Bill also shares his story behind his new album. Love this conversation and love talking to Bill about grace and theology and music. And I think you will too.