#5: On Preaching, Humor, & the Gospel with Kevin Labby

Pastoral ministry is often filled with no small amount of heartache. Either personally experienced or empathetically felt for others, overcoming grief with the gospel plays a major role in any pastor’s ministry to his church. But one of the oft-forgotten aspects of ministry is humor. Humor and laughter, I believe, are some of the truest signs of life, and those who are most living are those who believe in the Son. Therefore, Christians ought to be those filled with the most laughter, the most joy. This is what you’ll get with Kevin Labby.

Today’s Guest: Kevin Labby

Talk to Kevin for a mere few seconds, and you’ll come to realize his intimate knowledge of what Steve Brown calls “the laughter of the redeemed.” He’s a fun guy who knows how to bring glory to God through humor — that being a sign of the truest freedom of the soul.

In this episode, I sit down with Kevin to discuss the intertwining of humor and ministry at length, along with touching on preaching law and gospel in a youth ministry setting. Kevin also shares a story about one of his first experiences preaching — one that didn’t go so well! You’ll be greatly encouraged by this episode as two brothers in Christ share a common passion for preaching sola gratia.