#4: On Pastoral Ministry & Biblical Teaching with Jordan Moody

One of the truly inspiring moments in life is seeing your peers live sold out for the gospel. You hear of those who fall away and fall from the truth in droves, but it’s not often that you hear about those fulfilling their calling and living missional lives. Today I get to celebrate one of my peers who is actually carrying out the plan God has ordained for him. Today I get to talk teaching, preaching, and church-planting with Jordan Moody.

Today’s Guest: Jordan Moody

Jordan is a pastor in New England, and in this conversation we talk about God’s will and grace in planting a church and in everyday pastoral ministry. We delve into the art and focus of preaching in this conversation, along with what makes a good church leader. We also catch up on what God’s been doing in each other’s lives since graduating from Bible college. I believe you’ll be enlightened and encouraged by this lively conversation as Jordan and I share a common affection for preaching the Word.