#3: On Church Planting, Writing, & Preaching with Paul Dunk

The process of planting a church is one of the most daunting tasks a minister can face. But the glory of it is that it’s never done alone. The Bible says that where two or three are gathered, the Spirit is there, the Church is there. And so it is that we can embark upon reaching people and starting a church with the assurance that our success is guaranteed, even if that doesn’t mean a megachurch in 5 years, or even 50.

Today’s Guest: Paul Dunk

In this episode, Paul Dunk and I discuss God’s grace in preaching, ministering, and church-planting. We also talk about the importance of writing and blogging about the gospel. We also talk about the challenges of seminary and what it can do for young pastors, Paul, himself, finishing a Master’s at Knox Theological Seminary. I think you’ll find this conversation both fun and encouraging, as two aspiring writers and grace-addicts talk theology, scholasticism, and the gospel.