#21: The State of the Podcast

In this episode of Ministry Minded, I attempt to speak to the whirlwind that has been the year 2017. Filled with seemingly more ebbs and flows than normal, this year has been a veritable maelstrom of emotions and seasons of life. Trying to make sense of it all would be nigh impossible — if not for God’s grace. From welcoming our daughter Lydia into the world, to accepting a ministry position, to then quickly resigning said ministry position, to rupturing my ACL and having reconstructive surgery, this year has seriously been a rollercoaster ride, to say the least. It’s definitely been a year for growth and change, both relationally and spiritually.

Unsurprisingly, 2018 looks to be another year full of change. Big changes. Change that God has brought and sustained by his sovereign grace. The changes on the horizon this year have been divinely orchestrated and driven all along the way. And that’s what’s most comforting. Notwithstanding how big a move is or life-change is, when God’s behind it, it’s always a step in the right direction.