#2: On God’s Will & Church Ministry with Mitch Miller

God’s will is not always as pretty as we’d like it to be. We like things clean and tidy, but oftentimes the will of God is messy. This is a natural consequence of the Fall. Our lives are broken and fractured through sin. Fortunately, God doesn’t just cast us off as defective vessels, rather, he meets us in our brokenness and often uses it to the glory of his name.

Today’s Guest: Mitch Miller

In this episode of Ministry Minded, Mitch and I discuss this idea at length. We touch on an assortment of topics surrounding God’s grace, God’s will, and God’s church, and the inextricable connection between all three. Mitch also shares the story of how he was drawn back to pastor in Greenville, South Carolina. It was so encouraging reconnecting with him again here, and I pray you’ll be encouraged too.