#19: On the Economy of the Gospel & Teaching It to Kids with Kyle George Jones

Perhaps the most glossed over ministry of any church remains the children’s ministry. Yes, there’s often a focus on engaging young kids with the Bible and teaching them to memorize Scripture, but the emphasis of this engagement isn’t always as saturated with the gospel as other age groups are. Children’s ministries are often soaked with performancism and the concept of growing by winning, by achieving. We do this subtly with our intense Scripture memory programs that end up doing the opposite of what we hope they’ll do. Instead of captivating them with the glory of God, they often educate kids into thinking that spiritual growth is up to them and their capacity to commit to memory God’s Word.

Today’s Guest: Kyle George Jones

In this episode, I’m joined by Kyle George Jones to talk about how to teach the full gospel to kids. This, I would say, is the thrust of Kyle’s ministry as he seeks to get kids away from a “Jesus plus” understanding of Christianity. How do you explain a Christ-centered hermeneutic and chiefly Christological interpretation of the Bible to young children? How do you do justice to God’s Word without confusing your young audience? We endeavor to speak to these realities and remain true in our effort to show that Jesus is everywhere in your Bible, not just in the New Testament. We also talk about the inception of The Gospel Economist and a slew of books recommended for budding young Bible teachers.