#18: On the Gospel & Church History with Obbie Tyler Todd

One of the great benefits of 21st century Christianity is the ability for brothers and sisters in Christ to connect and encourage each other through means otherwise impossible. The advent of social media has brought with it many vices and evils to be sure, but the virtues of these platforms can’t be over-sung. The freedom with which believers are able to relate with each other is a powerful vehicle for the mutual encouragement of the brotherhood of faith. Such is the nature of my relationship with Obbie Tyler Todd. While I’ve never met Obbie, I feel a special bond with him because of his passion for history and the gospel. Above all, we share a mutual fervor for LeBron James.

Today’s Guest: Obbie Tyler Todd

In this episode, I’m thrilled to be joined by fellow Baptist and church historian, Obbie Tyler Todd, to about talk the failures and successes of the Baptist denomination, the pivotal role creeds and confessions have in the church today, and what it means to be a gospel-centered student minister. Likewise, we endeavor to answer a number of questions, such as, how the gospel shapes our understanding of church history. Similarly, are creeds inherently Catholic? By the way, was Jonathan Edwards really just a crusty old Puritan? This and much more is covered in this lengthy discussion between Obbie and I, namely, a conversation that’s fueled by history and a passion for the gospel.