#15: On Preaching & Pastoral Ministry with Gerald White

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted facets of ministry is the “call of God.” Some make too much and others too little of the reality that God calls specific people at specific times to speak specific things to a specific group of people. There’s a nebulousness to God’s calling and will, and we especially feel the weight of these realities as we hope to determine what God would have us do with our lives. Young men feel this weight far too often, and Gerald White provides some keen insight into this struggle.

Today’s Guest: Gerald White

In this episode, Gerald White joins the show to talk with me about the gospel and the call of God. We dive into knowing and understanding God’s calling, and how to be confident of that calling even as he moves you away from a church body. How do you know this is will of God? Is he really calling me to leave this church? Gerald provides some excellent insight into this, as well as what it means to have “broken reconciliation.” Throughout his ministry, you can see and hear the effects of grace on his life. We also talk about our mutual love for the life and ministry of Charles Spurgeon and his continued influence on pastors of all ages.