#12: On the Edifice of Reformed Theology & the Fallacy of Fundamentalism with Byron Yawn

At its core, the Protestant Reformation was a struggle for the recovery of biblical assurance. The Reformed dissenters of the Roman Church recognized a disparity between the institution’s practices and the Bible’s words. They found that truth of the gospel didn’t leave room for indulgences or for the shaky grounds of purgatory. Rather, the facts of the gospel are simple: salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone. This is what the Reformers found anew. And incidentally, I do believe that after a quick glance at the modern church, we need to find it again.

Today’s Guest: Byron Yawn

In this episode of Ministry Minded, I sit down with Byron Yawn. I’ve only recently become familiar with Byron and his teachings and views on Reformed Theology, but I am so thankful for him and his continued ministry to me, personally. It was a great privilege, then, to have him on the show. In this conversation, Byron provides a clear and informed perspective on the “edifice” of Reformed Theology. And as one who transitioned from the Fundamentalist camp into Calvinism, he provides a unique outlook and insight into both perspectives. We also talk about the crucial distinction between the biblical notions of faith and faithfulness, and the fallacy of getting stuck in one room of theology.